Staxyn vs Levitra: Brand Name Treatments for Impotence Compared

Staxyn vs Levitra

Staxyn and Levitra are the brand name treatments for impotence containing the same Vardenafil HCl active content. Surprisingly, these medicines also come from the same manufacturers, from GlaxoSmithKline and Germany’s Bayer AG.

Levitra Tablets

So why did the two manufacturers create two separate drugs containing the same active ingredient and has the same indication? Are there any palpable differences between Staxyn vs Levitra? Read on to know more about these drugs!

Comparison Between Staxyn and Levitra

Staxyn and Levitra may be alike but they are not the same drug. Although these medicines are both from the manufacturers Bayer and GSK, have an identical potent component (Vardenafil Hydrochloride), and are prescribed for one medical condition, these are two separate medicines.

It is still unclear why Bayer and GSK sought to create two brands for impotence treatment. They did not intend to make these drugs go head to head, though, so the manufacturers created a little variation between the two drugs. Levitra, the first Vardenafil HCl product, is in conventional, hard tablet form, while the drug Staxyn, from the same company, is marketed in orally dispersible tablet form. Besides that, there are actually no stark differences between these two medicines.

Staxyn Tablets

Staxyn Tablets

Dose and Intake

Since Staxyn and Levitra are basically nearly the same drugs, they have the same dosage recommendations. Staxyn and Levitra are prescribed in 10mg or 20mg tablets, only once in a 24-hour period. These medications should not be taken with alcohol, nitrate medications, other impotence medicines, ketoconazole, antibiotics, and other medicines.

Possible Side Effects

Because side effects are inevitable for all medicines, some patients may expect slight side effects due to the use of this product. Some patients may experience headaches, facial flushing, dyspepsia, and a runny nose while using either Staxyn or Levitra.

Staxyn vs Levitra Online Testimonials

Since the medicines Staxyn and Levitra are two renowned impotence treatments and marketed as the brand names for Vardenafil HCl, these two drugs have reviews all over the web from consumers across the globe. One of the web platforms with reviews for these drugs include

One of the positive comments for Staxyn was the one from the user dwp66, who rated the drug 5/5 for effectiveness, satisfaction, and ease of use

One of the positive comments for Staxyn was the one from the user “dwp66”, who rated the drug 5/5 for effectiveness, satisfaction, and ease of use. According to the patient, he’s had erectile dysfunction for 10 years and tried all the other impotence medicines like Viagra and Cialis but ended up getting minimal results but maximum side effects.  He tried Staxyn out of curiosity (he was given a sample pack) and he ended up admiring the drug’s effect. Two doses of the drug (10mg each) gave him erectile function improvement for up to 16 hours. He mentioned having side effects from the product although according to him, not as much as the side effects he’s experienced using the other impotence treatments.

Staxyn User Reviews

Staxyn User Reviews

However, not all patients were duly satisfied with their use of Staxyn, there were also several consumers who found the drug ineffective. According to “DON”, he’s used Viagra and Cialis in the past and found them effective but he slowly developed a tolerance for the medicines. DON said that at first, Staxyn was effective, but later on, he also found the drug ineffective later on. He still gave Staxyn 5/5 for ease of use, 4/5 for satisfaction, and 3/5 for effectiveness.

Levitra had more reviews than the drug Staxyn and the drug had great reviews from patients who were able to take the product

Levitra had more reviews than the drug Staxyn and the drug had great reviews from patients who were able to take the product. According to “Jimmy4”, the drug was effective for his impotence treatment although he advised the others to take the drug on an empty stomach for 100% effectiveness.

Levitra User Reviews

Levitra User Reviews


Unfortunately, not everyone had a good effect out of Levitra, like the consumer “hmman”, who stated that the drug “did nothing at all” for him. He gave the drug low scores for effectiveness and satisfaction (1/5) and gave a decent score for its ease of use.

Staxyn vs Levitra: Where can I purchase them?

Regarding Staxyn vs Levitra purchases, you can get these medicines at your local drugstores since they are marketed heavily at local pharmacies by the manufacturers. However, if you feel that these drugs’ prices are expensive at your neighborhood pharmacies, you can also consider purchasing these medicines at online stores.

However, you must know that purchasing your meds online entails a significant amount of risk. Not all online drugstores are safe to get your meds from, so there are a few things we’d like to share to make your online transactions “safer”. Here are some tips you’d want to consider:

  • Look for seasoned online pharmacies with years of service
  • You need to find stores with a lot of buyer reviews available and reviews from third-party website platforms
  • Stores with the VIPPS seal, NABP seal, CIPA, IPABC, CPA, MIPA, and other accreditations are also reliable—but make sure that the shops have genuine certifications from these bodies
  • Make sure that you’re dealing with a store selling genuine medications
  • Confirm if the store is secure and has an SSL certificate
  • Check the website’s reputation using platforms like Scamner, Scam Adviser, Legit Script, and similar websites

Keep the following tips in mind so you’ll end up purchasing at reliable stores and not scammed by rip-off websites!


Both Staxyn and Levitra are Vardenafil Hydrochloride drugs useful for impotence treatment. They are effective for most patients, although the drug can cause some side effects and may not be 100% effective for some users. Still, either product is recommendable to use for erectile dysfunction, as long as you consult your doctor before using any of them.

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