Staxyn Dosage Review: A Product by A World-Class Manufacturer That Is Yet To Make An Impact

Staxyn Review

Brand: Staxyn

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil Hydrochloride

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Bayer

Country of Manufacture: Germany (Multinational)

Staxyn Package Image

Review and Description

Staxyn dosage does not differ from the dosage of Levitra. Staxyn is a therapy used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The men who can’t hold an erection find themselves having a rather unhappy and unfulfilling sexual life. Hence, doctors usually encourage such men to seek erectile dysfunction therapies. Staxyn works due to the active ingredient known as the Vardenafil HCL. Vardenafil has the tendencies of suppressing an enzyme referred to as phosphodiesterase type 5, an enzyme that leads to impotence. These enzymes break down cyclic monophosphate which is released during sexual stimulation and relaxes blood vessels to increase the flow of blood towards the sexual organs. This blood is needed to facilitate for erections triggered by physiological responses to sexual stimulation. When the level of PDE5 enzymes is high, the rate at which the cyclic monophosphate is destroyed is high leading to an imbalanced circulation of blood. To restore this balance requires the application of compounds such as Vardenafil to inhibit PDE5 enzymes. Once Vardenafil is introduced into the bloodstream, it targets the PDE5 enzymes by hindering their activity. It, therefore, corrects the general flow of blood during sexual encounters thus remedying erectile dysfunction. Amazingly, a patient can now go for 4 hours without hitches whatsoever.

Staxyn is manufactured by a German-based company called Bayer. This company has been known to develop and produce innovative products, setting very high standards for itself and other competing companies. It has a rich history spanning over 150 years since it was established. It focuses on improving the quality of human life by finding medical solutions to agricultural and human ailments. Needless to say, their production facilities are world-class and are approved by the relevant bodies.

Customer Reviews

One cannot stress enough the importance of reading about past customer experiences as a reference for a drug’s expected efficacy or any side effects it brings forth. I was able to find a number of testimonials I could use to make analyze Staxyn. These are samples of those online reviews:The effects this brand elicited made many customers merry and satisfied with the gist of the comments they posted online

The effects this brand elicited made many customers merry and satisfied with the gist of the comments they posted online. One patient known as RCMann took this drug for less than a month and had already seen commendable results to write home about. His comments were as follows, “Recently I tried staxyn (recommended by my pharmacist as a cheaper alternative) and found it to be every bit as good as the higher priced products.” As of the side effects, he gets the flushed face and stuffy nose. Another anonymous user has used Staxyn and aside from the flushed face side effect, he gets decent results. From these comments, it’s easy to see that Staxyn is quite effective albeit with the mild side effects it causes.

Pricing and Dosage

Staxyn is manufactured in formulations of 10 mg and 20 mg dosages. It costs $35 to buy a pack comprising of 4 Staxyn tablets. These are the 10mg. This is not a prescription drug. Therefore, a patient can easily obtain it without the need for a prescription from a doctor. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to seek a doctor’s opinion before using any drug including Staxyn. How to Buy Staxyn Online

How to Buy Staxyn Online

Although the manufacturer claims to export their products to numerous countries I was disappointed to learn that Staxyn is not available in many internet pharmacies. In spite of the company’s reputation, it does not bode well for the reputation of the product among patients. In its place, I would rather buy a proven medication such as Levitra. Levitra is also a product of Bayer and it also contains vardenafil. It appears to have made quite a stir in the pharmaceutical industry for its effectiveness. However, it’s a bit pricey compared to other erectile dysfunction medications on the market but worth trying.

Levitra is available in the following stores whose links are provided:

These pharmacies make deliveries to customers provided that they pay a reasonable fee to cater for this extra cost. Visit these links for more information.

How to Use

Staxyn is intended to be taken before sexual activities for its therapeutic value to be felt. Take one pill of either 10 mg or 20mg or as directed by your doctor before having sex, preferably 30 minutes earlier. It does not matter whether you take them on an empty or full stomach. To avoid any hinderances on the medicine’s effectiveness, avoid taking alcohol or foods with a high-fat content. Grapefruit juice is also known to slow down the medication.

Side Effects

Side effects induced by this medication include back pains, indigestion, headaches, dizziness, stomach upsets, stuffy nose, and facial flushing. These are minor side effects that go away with time after the effects of the medicine wear off. However, severe side effects such as chest pains, fainting, sweating, irregular heartbeats, and difficulties when breathing have also been reported. Visit your doctor immediately any of these side effects mentioned here occur to you when you use Staxyn.

Conclusion with Rating

Staxyn is an erectile dysfunction therapy manufactured by Bayer multinational. This brand contains an ingredient known as Vardenafil which relaxes blood vessel muscles to allow an increase in blood circulation. Impotence can be reversed with the use of Staxyn for this and other reasons. Although the drug is said to be effective like most reviews show, I would prefer a drug that is readily available online mainly for easy access to refills. Since Staxyn is not that popular, I am not convinced it’s the right product to buy with every aspect put into consideration. I would rate it buy giving it 3 out of 5.

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